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Workshop Description

In this workshop, participants learn how professional copywriters use words and strategies to win over their readers. Students will discover tools and techniques that will improve their writing's persuasive power. Whether they're creating advertisements... brochures... sales letters... press releases... or Web content... this comprehensive one-day seminar will teach them how to write dynamic, compelling copy that produces results.

  • Promotional communications specialists who want to polish their copywriting skills
  • Managers, writers, and public relations specialists who need to get their messages across quickly and convincingly to internal or external audiences
  • Anyone who edits the copywriting of others and wants guidelines to assess writing quality

Workshop Topics

  • Supporting your communications objectives and strategies
  • Understanding your audience—what's in it for them?
  • Capitalizing on creative benefits
  • Applying the correct tone and formality
  • Organizing content to maximize persuasive effect
  • Motivating action
  • Following the AIDA principle for sales letters
  • Discovering 10 tips that will infuse your copy with impact and vigour




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