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This FAQ should answer most of your questions about my writing services. If you have additional questions, please call me.


What are your qualifications as a business writer?

I blend marketing and sales know-how with years of experience writing for the high-tech and telecommunications industries and government.

I've been writing professionally since 1983, having held staff marketing jobs with Canderel Limited, Telesat Canada, and Stentor Resource Centre Inc. I started my freelance writing business in 1993, and since then I've written for many prominent telecommunications and high-tech firms including Bell Canada, Cisco Systems, Cognos, Nortel, and Telus. I've also written copy for such government departments as Natural Resources Canada and Indian and Northern Affairs Canada.

Moreover, I know how to speak to the audiences you target. I have a Bachelor of Commerce degree and a Master of Business Administration degree, which complement my years of hands-on writing experience. I also conduct business writing workshops that help people improve their written communications skills.

In short, I can write copy that will do what you need. Whether you're looking to generate leads... build brand recognition... maintain your market presence... produce proposals... close sales... launch products... promote services... answer queries... or instruct buyers on how to use your products or services, I can help you do it.


Do you have technical experience?

For more than four years, I managed and developed satellite business communications services at Telesat. To speak intelligibly to our engineers and to our customers, I had to learn about satellite and data protocols, high power amplifiers, multiplexers, and other technical systems, equipment, and services.

I even led a team of engineers, technicians, business analysts, and finance specialists that developed the first satellite-terrestrial data service for business in Canada. To gain the team's confidence, I had to learn about terrestrial data networks quickly as well.

I now apply this same technical aptitude when writing for my clients, whether they deal with real-time operating systems, Web-hosting solutions, business intelligence software, satellite asset-tracking services, geospatial databases, or other products and services.

In fact, I'm extremely comfortable dealing with and writing about advanced technology, whether it's intricate software or complicated hardware. I'm able to talk to engineers and technologists on their terms and to turn complex technical concepts into easy-to-understand customer benefits.


Do you have experience in my field?

If you market to telecommunications professionals, business executives, engineers, or technologists, I've likely written copy that caters to your target audience. I grasp technical concepts quickly and know how to take complicated ideas and simplify them... in terms your readers will understand.

You can find samples of my writing by clicking here. If you don't see any similar to your needs, I'd be happy to send you other samples that relate more to your requirements.


Do you write for the public as well?

Certainly. I rely on plain language when I write, an important part of communicating with the public. Moreover, I write in a conversational style that quickly engages and holds my readers. Consequently, I'm just as comfortable writing for the public as I am writing for executives and engineers.


How do I benefit from using your writing services?

First, you'll get results. Whatever your objectives, you'll receive high-quality copy that does the job right.

Second, you'll meet your commitments. Whether you need the copy for a product introduction... a sales rally... a Website launch... a conference speech... or an internal deadline, you can rely on its arriving on time. Your due dates mean as much to me as they do to you.

And third, you'll save time by not having to rewrite copy or chase down information; your copy will be right—you can depend on it. You'll be able to devote your attention to other priorities.


What kinds of writing projects do you undertake?

I write all types of communications, from brochures and fact sheets to Web content and everything in between. I've written advertisements, newsletters, sales letters, case studies, customer guides, promotional pamphlets, product plans, technical manuals, direct response marketing pieces, white papers, magazine articles, advertorials, speeches, presentation scripts—the virtual gamut of business writing.

So no matter what your writing needs, I'll be able to do the work properly and on time.


How do you structure your fees?

Largely, my fees depend on the volume of writing, the amount of research, the type of project, and the timing of the deadline. After assessing these requirements, I'll provide you with an estimate. You'll find my fees competitive with those of experienced writers who have proven business writing track records.

You may find that a flat-rate approach works best. That way you'll know at the outset what your writing project will cost. I will, however, also work for an hourly or per diem fee should you prefer.


How soon will you deliver my copy?

Typically, I require two weeks to complete most writing assignments. Complex jobs can take longer. At the same time, I realize that sometimes you'll need your copy sooner. Let me know your deadline, and if I accept the assignment, I will meet that date.


Will you revise the copy if needed?

No problem. Provided that you get back to me within 30 days after I send you the copy, I will include your changes at no charge as long as the assignment has remained the same. It's all part of the service.

You can write your comments in the margins and fax the document back to me. Or, if you have an electronic copy of the file, you can make your changes in bold or colour or use the revisions feature. I'll incorporate the changes and make sure that the copy retains its tone and flow.


Do you perform communications audits?

Indeed. Whether you want a critique of a particular piece of communications or an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your organization's overall written communications, I can provide these services. I'll tell you what you're doing right—and what you're doing wrong—knowledge that can save you time and money and improve your business performance.

I'll leave your text unchanged, but I will tell you what should be done to increase the effectiveness of your communications.


How do I contract for your services?

You can call me at 613-837-1200, email me at graham@grycom.com, or fax me at 613-837-1281.

If we can work out your requirements over the phone—great. If you'd like to get together in person, I would be more than happy to meet to discuss your writing needs.

Either way, I'll need background information about what you're selling and whom you're targeting, so please send me relevant brochures, marketing documents, and presentations. If you'd like me to interview subject-matter experts or customers, you can be confident that your associates and clients will find me professional, competent, and easy to work with.

Whatever route you choose, I will deliver your copy on time. Many organizations have used my writing services to create awareness, influence customer buying decisions, and boost sales, and I can deliver the same results for you.

If you decide to try my service for your next brochure, fact sheet, Web requirement, sales letter, case study, or white paper, I promise that you—and the other interested parties in your organization—will be delighted with the outcome.




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