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Writing Workshops - FAQ line

I've answered some common questions about my writing workshops below. If you have other questions, please let me know.


What are your qualifications as a business writing trainer?

First, I've been writing business communications professionally for twenty years. In fact, I offer freelance writing services as part of my business. I know how to communicate effectively in writing, and I've structured my workshops to provide your organization with the benefits of my business writing experience.

Second, I've been training professionally since 1999. I consistently earn top ratings from my students: they appreciate my enthusiasm and humour, and they gain valuable writing knowledge that they can apply immediately on the job.

How do you structure your workshops?

Although the structures vary, largely my workshops comprise lectures, hands-on exercises, group discussions, and student presentations. By breaking workshops into these types of activities, I keep people interested and motivated. Moreover, students have plenty of opportunity to practice what we cover, which prepares them to use their new skills right away.


What workshops do you offer and how do they differ?

I offer six business writing workshops:

  • Business Writing for Results (2 days)
  • Business Writing Essentials (1 day)
  • Effective Business Correspondence (1 day)
  • Marketing Communications Writing (1 day)
  • The Secrets of Strong Style (1 day)
  • Grammar and Punctuation Review (2 days)

These workshops differ by content and length. Collectively, they cover the gamut of business writing, from basic grammar to strategic communications. You can learn more about these workshops and how they differ by reading the workshop descriptions.


Which workshop would you recommend as a starting point?

I've devised the workshops to meet different writing needs, so recommending one or another without knowing your requirements is difficult.

Nevertheless, if you're looking for a comprehensive overview of writing effectively on the job, I suggest that you consider Business Writing for Results as an excellent starting point. This two-day workshop covers both business writing strategy and style. Later, you could add Effective Business Correspondence or Grammar and Punctuation Review if needed.

I'd be happy to discuss your requirements and to recommend the workshop that would best suit your needs.


Where do you conduct your workshops?

I conduct most of my workshops in meeting rooms on my customers' premises. This convenience allows employees to learn without unduly disrupting their routines. They can answer emails and voice mails before and after the workshop and during breaks. They'll also be available should someone need to speak with them urgently.


How will our organization benefit from your workshops?

Senior executives want their staffs and especially their managers to possess excellent written-communication skills. Without these skills, your organization risks needless misunderstandings... decreased productivity... higher operating expenses... poor morale… alienated customers... lost sales... on it goes.

The trouble is that many people don't even realize they need to improve their writing. Consequently, they keep making the same mistakes. And without knowing what they're doing wrong, what are the chances that they'll improve on their own? Slim at best.

By attending my workshops, however, your staff will discover how to avoid the most common business writing problems. They'll learn to write clearly, concisely, and logically and be better equipped to compose effective emails, write persuasive letters, prepare useful reports, and convey complex strategies.

Moreover, your staff will know how to structure their documents to meet their audiences' needs, and they'll be able to apply vital style tips that clarify meaning and improve readability.

And best yet—you won't have to spend as much of your valuable time editing or reviewing draft after draft.

The workshop descriptions will tell you more about each workshop's benefits.


How many people can attend a workshop?

You can register as many people as the room will comfortably accommodate. Note, however, that when more than 16 people attend a workshop, opportunities for discussion diminish.


How do you structure your fees?

My training fees are competitive with those of experienced and accomplished business trainers. I would be pleased to provide you with a no-obligation estimate.


How much notice do I need to book a workshop?

I normally ask for at least two weeks' notice, but that period can vary. When you have an urgent need that requires a quicker response, I'll do everything I can to accommodate you.


What happens if I want to cancel a workshop?

Workshops may be cancelled without penalty up until two weeks before the scheduled dates. For cancellations made with less than two weeks' notice, 50 per cent of the scheduled fee will be waived provided that at least 48 hours' notice is given. Cancellations with less than 48 hours' notice will be charged at the full rate.


Do you customize workshops?

Certainly. We can sit down and discuss your needs, and I can put together a workshop that addresses your specific writing requirements. I can even use examples from text that your employees have written and tackle specific types of communications—documents that they commonly write, for instance.


How do I book a workshop?

Simply call me at 613-837-1200 or email me at graham@grycom.com.

I'll need to know which workshop you want, where you want to hold the session, and what dates you have in mind. I will also require that the following audio-visual (AV) equipment be provided:

  • LCD projector (for use with my laptop)
  • Screen to project presentations
  • Overhead projector for transparencies
  • Pad board and markers

People who attend my workshops come away invigorated and eager to apply what they've learned. Many can't believe that I'm able to make such a potentially dry subject so engaging and interesting. I owe my success to my passion for English and my earnest desire to help others improve their business writing skills.

Please call me to discuss your requirements. I'd be happy to explain more about how my writing workshops can help your staff become more productive and effective.




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